How does it work?

Your SDSL Autobinder comes preloaded with Safety Data Sheets of your purchases from the past 2 years.

Every month your SDSL Autobinder will be automatically updated based your recent purchases of hazardous products from AVP, VP and WDDC and we will send an email with the updates directly to your inbox.

Unique purchases made directly from manufacturers that require a Safety Data Sheet can be easily added to your binder through the SDSL Portal. Just search the library, import to your binder and you’re up to date in just minutes.

Always Up to Date

The SDSL Autobinder comes preloaded with Safety Data Sheets from your purchases over the past 2 years and automatically updates every month.

SDSL Sheet
Staying Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) Compliant Has Never Been Easier

Each month, save a copy of your SDSL Autobinder locally on a desktop, print the PDF or simply keep the online copy available for your staff’s use.

SDSL Autobinder
The Most Comprehensive Library of Veterinary Safety Data Sheets

Access the Safety Data Sheets from hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products all at your fingertips.

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