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Compendium of Veterinary Products

As the leader of product label information, the CVP offers users dynamic product search and organizational tools such as charts and indices to support your practice.

  • The quick search bar enables you to find the label information that you need
  • Products, Companies, Categories, Uses and Ingredients indexes allows you to more easily visualize comparable products which belong to similar groupings
  • The Parasiticide and Biological Charts display parasites and antigen to enable easy product selection
  • Withdrawal Time Chart provides a list of food animal drug residue withholding times
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Safety Data Sheet Library Autobinder

The SDSL Autobinder is the only platform that creates, houses, and automates your practice's entire SDS library for hazardous products based on the past 24 months of your distributors purchase history.

  • Satisfy your Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) requirements and AAHA practice accreditation while protecting your practice, patients and staff
  • Access the largest collection of veterinary SDS available in the animal health marketplace
  • Save time with a comprehensive, automated SDS binder
  • Receive monthly email notification of updates to your binder
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North American Companion Animal Formulary

Your trusted resource for more than 30 years, the North American Companion Animal Formulary (NACAF) has been the go-to quick reference guide on- and off-label dosing information for veterinary and human drugs.

  • Now in its 14th edition, with over 3,600 references related to the use of 1,000 drugs in dogs and cats
  • Indispensable tool for established veterinary practices, students, academia, pharmacists and specialists
  • Easy to use indices: Generic and Trade Name, Use or Symptom and Therapeutic Category
  • Special sections include procedures for diagnostic tests and imaging, anesthetic protocols, as well as helpful formulas and ratios
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Client Information Sheets

Over 2,850 Client Information Sheets for dogs, cats and horses organized alphabetically by generic name and trade name. A comprehensive collection of product information sheets that you can send home with your client. Using layman’s language, each sheet explains essential drug usage and safety details saving veterinarian and staff time while providing optimal service for your clients.

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